Fallout Shelter is a fun game. You get to run your own vault. One key thing is getting more dwellers. The more dwellers you have, the better. Here is how to get more vault dwellers.

Revive Dwellers From The Wasteland

First, you can revive dwellers from the wasteland. Sometimes you will see people out in the wasteland. You can revive them and bring them back to your vault. Tap on them when you see them. This will start a timer. When the timer finishes, you get a new dweller!

Unlocking The Radio Room Is Important

Next, you want to unlock the radio room. The radio room lets you call new dwellers to your vault. Here are the steps:

1) Build a power generator room to make electricity.
2) Build a diner to make food.
3) Build living quarters for beds.
4) Once you have those three rooms, you can build the radio room.

Using The Radio Room Properly

After building the radio room, you can start calling new dwellers. But there are some tips:

  • Put a high charisma dweller in the radio room. This makes the calls more successful.
  • Check the radio room often. You can recall failed calls to try again.
  • Use the radio room whenever you can. Getting new dwellers quickly grows your vault.

Make Babies With Your Dwellers

Additionally, your current dwellers can make babies. Here’s how:

1) Build a living quarters
2) Put a male and female dweller in the living quarters
3) After some time, they will have a baby!

The baby starts off very young but grows up quickly. Making babies is a great way to get more dwellers.

Rushing The Process With Lunchboxes

Finally, you can rush the process by using lunchboxes. Lunchboxes are rare items that:

  • Instantly revive dwellers from the wasteland
  • Give you free dwellers, resources, and caps
  • Guarantee successful radio calls

You earn lunchboxes slowly by playing. Or you can pay real money to get more lunchboxes. Using lunchboxes is the fastest way to get lots of new dwellers quickly.

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Those are the main ways to get more vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter. Reviving from the wasteland, using the radio room, having babies, and spending lunchboxes. The more dwellers you get, the bigger and better your vault can become. So keep calling in those new dwellers!


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